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Our Departments



In our bulk section you will find flours, grains, beans, snacks, nuts, oils, vinegars, miso, soy sauce, and more! Weigh it, fill it, label it with the bin number and continue shopping.


Sourced primarily from Pacific Northwest farms, our seasonal produce is free of harmful pesticides. We supplement our local produce with produce from organic or transitional West Coast farms.

Butcher & Vegan Proteins

With our commitment to reducing food waste and lowering our impact on the earth we take great care to bring our customers a wide selection of plant based proteins along side a small selection of local, pastured meats. To show the utmost respect to the animal we offer all cuts and offal, from nose to tail.

Many butcher counter and vegan proteins items are wrapped in compostable butcher paper. Because our paper is not lined in plastic like most other shops, we recommend either bringing your own container to place your wrapped packet in, or simply placing your meat into a container upon arriving home.  

Vegan proteins may be found throughout the store, in the freezer, self serve bulk cold foods and behind the deli counter. We will carry bulk tofu, tempeh, vegan sausage, vegan burger patties, and more!


Organic and locally produced dairy can be found in the cold case and at our deli counter. Butter and cheese will be cut to order in the amount you want. All of our glass dairy products come in returnable glass for deposit.


Just like at traditional deli counter our knowledgable employee will help you find just what you need. Our “dry” deli items, like sliced lunch meats and cheeses are packaged it 100% compostable butcher or cheese paper. Other items can be packed in return-for-deposit glass containers.


Fresh local breads and baked treats brought in daily.


Find what you need in a variety of natural, organic, and plastic free products. Many items come in bulk but we also seek out responsibly produced health and beauty products in 100% compostable, recyclable or refillable containers.


Bring your own container or pick up one in store and fill up on all of your household needs. From bulk laundry detergent to natural straw brooms you can find what you need for a naturally clean home.

 Bulk Frozen Foods

Just what it sounds like, you’ll be able to scoop your own frozen berries, cherries, and vegetables. We’re working on sourcing ice cream in glass as well as a variety of vegan proteins. So be sure to check back for updates!

Packaged Food & Drinks

Find beer, wine, kombucha, juices and more. You’ll also find prepackaged sauces, pickles, jams, beans, fruit vegetables and condiments here in our packaged food isle. We understand that most folks aren’t canning their own tomatoes come August, so don’t worry we’ve got you covered.