With the rise in plastic waste polluting our oceans and waterways, market founder, Emily Robb sought a solution to reducing plastic waste in a consumer friendly way. As she began to reduce waste in her own home she found there was a name for the strategies she was implementing at home. And so she began to follow the principles of Zero Waste set out by leaders in the waste reduction movement: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot.

On the journey to feed her growing family she found that there was no single market that fulfilled all of her grocery needs without plastic packaging, thus sparking the idea for a new type of market experience. Inspired by the idea of a historic general store, where personal connection and community building is key, No Pac Foods began to take shape.

We have worked tirelessly to find and partner with conscientious wholesalers, producers and farmers to provide you with ethically produced, high quality local produce, bulk foods, pastured meats, and complete lines of home and body care that are all completely landfill free.