Our Team



Emily Robb, Founder

Emily Robb started contemplating a life without plastic packaging and never looked back. She has earned degrees from the University of California Santa Cruz and The University of Chicago. She believes in knowing where your food came from and enjoying the process of getting it to your plate. When not working, you can usually find her in the kitchen making something for her kids or out back talking to her flock of chickens.


Kim Schenk, Community Director

Kim Schenk Certified Holistic Nutritionist, is passionate about healthy living in a sustainable way. What sparks her soul is where community meets food. This Florida girl loves Portland summers, morning dance parties with her toddler, and working towards a brighter future for everyone (oh, and chocolate truffles. )

Want to add your name to the list? Shoot us an email with your resume and why you’re passionate about helping build a better future for food & people. We’re looking for people who are willing and able to put in the time to help bring this dream to reality.